Greatest Food Ever

You will never say no when you are faced with your favorite food, food that you like. Previously I wanted to ask what is your favorite food, what is Pizza, Burger, Steak or Crackers

You have not enjoyed life, believe me. Outside there is a food called Nasi Goreng, which is sold on the side of the road in almost all of Indonesia and you can get it for only around fifteen thousand.

Yes, fried rice, if you know this food, then I call you a happy person in the world. I’m happy to share stories about fried rice, I’m also happy to cook it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty confident that my fried rice is delicious and quite edible.

Fried rice also has many stories for me, fried rice is sometimes my runner from a thing, complicated things, fried rice is when I get bored, there is until later I get better.

What is clear, I just want to proclaim that fried rice is the coolest thing I know in the middle of other things in life, fried rice is also delicious, especially if it’s hot, spicy, after being removed from the frying pan. To close this article, for those of you who have never tried fried rice, try immediately before you are late, for those of you who have tried it, help me to proclaim how wonderful fried rice is, because fried rice is the most amazing food ever.

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