Building Staticaly

When I create a website, the thing I sometimes worry about is how I store static files, and how I make them suitable for production environments, of course I can use the base directory to save them, but they will be loaded with the main domain unless we set them using CDN.


The mission of Staticaly is to make static files easy and fast to manage.

Load jQuery

The JavaScript that I often use for frontend is jQuery, for each of my projects, I only need one source to load jQuery, of course we can use free CDN services out there that support and host jQuery, but I want to make it simpler.

I use as the source domain for jQuery, and how do I make it simple?

The simple thing is like this:

  • We only need to add /jquery to load
  • Versioning we can use /jquery/: version example

Yep, the above method is what I do to load static files into my project.

Open Source

Staticaly is an open source project where people including you can use it to make projects live more like creating demos or loading static files from GitHub.

You can learn more about how this application works on

Benefits of Staticaly

Staticaly is made to keep up with the rapid development of technology, making it deliver static files quickly using a super-fast global network.

Web developers and applications can use Staticaly as their resources.

Simple Routing marked as Todos!

2 thoughts on “Building Staticaly”

  1. Hello Frans,

    Glad for hearing that’s project, i belive that’s project with help many blogger in the world, and i am waiting for the official staticaly plugin

    Just litle suggestion for your next plugin in wordpress:

    Control compress in image
    Load all JS, css in staticaly

    And please make staticaly subdomain is “cookie-free domains” because i see the subdomain still save a cookies (screenshot:

    Just tha’s suggest from me, i hope that’s request is avaiable soon, Thanks

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