I’m Frans, a typist today who really likes technology. I am the second of three children, my big brother named Finza, and my little brother named Kevin. There is one more sister of mine, technically it’s Kevin’s sister, but he died at birth. Maybe it’s currently 18 years old, and definitely beautiful.

I breathed first independently in Jogja on July 10, 1996. In a maternity house named Amanda and released normally. I have two dogs named Mocil (male) and Ipik (female) who seem to be pregnant right now, I tell you later if she’s pregnant. What else do you need to know to know me better? Oh yes, I really like making movies and photography, but I’ll tell you that in another chapter, just follow this story. Hopefully, by knowing about me it will be easier to know me and easier to follow the story.

Right now I’m really excited to tell stories. I don’t know what spirit I really want to write at 1:32 p.m. today, August 26 2018. Suddenly like someone moved me by saying “Come on Frans, speak!”, I immediately sat in front of the computer and wrote this.

I am a person who is not too formal, so I will use the word “I” to identify myself, and the word “you” is just for me to communicate to you.

The course of my life is certainly not the only one difficult, everyone has their own difficulties to live a life. But I think what I experienced was necessary to be told and known by people. Because in addition to reminding me of an event in life, maybe it can also inspire and make the reader laugh, or even amused to read it, clearly my stories are intended for anyone, for Mom and Mama, for Sister, for Sister, for Embah, for the whole family, for friends, for the closest person, and especially for you.