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Building Staticaly

When I create a website, the thing I sometimes worry about is how I store static files, and how I make them suitable for production environments, of course I can use the base directory to save them, but they will be loaded with the main domain unless we set them using CDN.


The mission of Staticaly is to make static files easy and fast to manage.

Load jQuery

The JavaScript that I often use for frontend is jQuery, for each of my projects, I only need one source to load jQuery, of course we can use free CDN services out there that support and host jQuery, but I want to make it simpler.

I use cdn.staticaly.com as the source domain for jQuery, and how do I make it simple?

The simple thing is like this:

  • We only need to add /jquery to load
  • Versioning we can use /jquery/: version example cdn.staticaly.com/jquery/3.3.1

Yep, the above method is what I do to load static files into my project.

Open Source

Staticaly is an open source project where people including you can use it to make projects live more like creating demos or loading static files from GitHub.

You can learn more about how this application works on www.staticaly.com.

Benefits of Staticaly

Staticaly is made to keep up with the rapid development of technology, making it deliver static files quickly using a super-fast global network.

Web developers and applications can use Staticaly as their resources.

Simple Routing marked as Todos!

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My Toolkit for 2018

– Atom Editor
– Nano Editor
– Coffe (not programming language) but real coffee
– Node.js
– Ruby
– GitHub
– GitLab
– Linux
– Windows
– Google Keep
– Marsble devTools
– Chrome/Chromium

– GitLab CI
– Tracis CI
– Appveyor
– Heroku

– Heroku
– VPS Ubuntu
– Staticaly
– CloudFlare
– Fastly
– KeyCDN
– CDN77
– Cedexis
– Mailgun

When I creative
– Photoshop
– Premier Pro
– Corel Draw
– Instagram

Where I find music
– Artlist
– YouTube
– Joox

Where I find pictures
– Unsplash
– Pexels

If I get bored
– Marsble
– Twitter
– Instagram

Whats make me frustrated when I built stuff
– Ant in the Coffee

And many more.

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Full List of Free CDN

CDN is the power to accelerate website performance throughout the world. When you only have one Datacenter, CDN makes it available to all countries. Here is the Free CDN list that I have tested.

1. CloudFlare (FREE)

Their DNS is fast.

2. StackPath (30 days trial)

Loved their caching

3. Staticaly (FREE)

Host your GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket code with Multi CDN, Staticaly also can serve your images fastest around the world by FREE.

4. Imgpx (FREE)

CDN for images, serve your images with Multi CDN, Auto optimize your images to WebP format.

5. KeyCDN (Free Trial for 30 Days)

Their caching is good, really fast, and I love it, you should try.

6. CDN77 (14 days trial)

Loved their support and custom datacenter, their dashboard also cozy.

7. Fastly (FREE Test Up to $50 of traffic!)

Fastly is my favorite, almost all of my work uses their services.

8. BunnyCDN (they really fast but only 14 days trial)

9. G-Core Labs (14 days for free)

10. jsDelivr CDN (FREE with Multi CDN for GitHub, NPM and WP Plugins)

11. Rawgit (FREE CDN for GitHub only, StackPath network) 12. raw.githack.com (FREE CDN for GitHub only, CloudFlare network) 13. CDN.net (Free Trial for 30 Days) 14. Fly.io (Edge Application $25 of free credits) can be used as CDN 15. Netlify (FREE All-in-one platform for automating modern web projects, can host your GitHub pages, Gatsby site, Hugo CMS and many more). I will update about CDN again. Soon.
Wondering how I connect WordPress.com without connect to WordPress.com server directly? I use Fly.io
16. Zeit.co (With their Now, you can upload your application and serve with CDN for Free as your application is Open Source). 17. Cachoid (FREE, Optimized Varnish Cache)
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Greatest Food Ever

You will never say no when you are faced with your favorite food, food that you like. Previously I wanted to ask what is your favorite food, what is Pizza, Burger, Steak or Crackers

You have not enjoyed life, believe me. Outside there is a food called Nasi Goreng, which is sold on the side of the road in almost all of Indonesia and you can get it for only around fifteen thousand.

Yes, fried rice, if you know this food, then I call you a happy person in the world. I’m happy to share stories about fried rice, I’m also happy to cook it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty confident that my fried rice is delicious and quite edible.

Fried rice also has many stories for me, fried rice is sometimes my runner from a thing, complicated things, fried rice is when I get bored, there is until later I get better.

What is clear, I just want to proclaim that fried rice is the coolest thing I know in the middle of other things in life, fried rice is also delicious, especially if it’s hot, spicy, after being removed from the frying pan. To close this article, for those of you who have never tried fried rice, try immediately before you are late, for those of you who have tried it, help me to proclaim how wonderful fried rice is, because fried rice is the most amazing food ever.